hajm-e-sabz (green space)

There is no cloud

There is no cloud
There is no wind
I sit beside the pond
The swimming fishes, light, I, flower, water
The pureness of the cluster of life

My mother reaps the sweet basil
Bread, sweet basil, cheese, a cloudless sky, wet garden petunia
Within the garden flowers: Salvation is at hand

Over the footbath in a copper bowl what caresses the light pours
The ladder at the garden corner, brings morning on earth,
A smile hides behind everything
The time’s wall has a hole through which my face is seen
There are things, which I don’t know
I know that I will die if I cut away a leaf
I ascend, rise to the peak, I posses wings and feathers
I can see in the darkness, I’m brimful of lanterns
I’m brimful of sun and sand
I’m brimful of vines
I’m brimful of path, of bridge, of river, of wave
I’m brimful of the shadows of reeds in the water
I’m brimful of the movement of that willow tree at the garden’s end
How my inside is empty

How my inside is empty