hajm-e-sabz (green space)

One day I shall come and bring a message

One day I shall come and bring a message
I shall pour light in the veins
And I shall cry out, “O you whose baskets are full of dreams!
I have brought apple, the red apple of sun

I shall come and shall offer a lilac to the beggar
I shall present another pair of earrings to the beautiful leprous woman
I shall say to the blind man, “What a sight to look in the garden!”
I shall become a peddler, I shall roam in the streets, and will shout, “O dews, dews, dews!”
I shall tell a passerby, “It is indeed a dark night
I shall bestow him a constellation
There is a little legless girl on the bride, I shall hang the Great Bear on her neck
I shall remove every obscenity from the lips
I shall remove every wall from the root
I shall tell the thieves, “A caravan has arrived loaded with smile!”
I shall tear up the cloud
I shall graft eyes to the sun, hearts to love, shadows to water and branches to the wind
I shall join the child’s dream with the murmur of crickets
I shall fly kites
I shall water flowerpots

I shall go to the horses, cows, and pour the green grasses of caress before them
A thirsty mare shall bring the pail of dew
I shall scare flies away from an old ass in the way

I shall come to plant a carnation on each wall
I shall rehearse a poem under each window
I shall give an oak to every crow
I shall tell the snake, “How glorious is the frog!” I shall reconcile
I shall familiarize
I shall eat light
I shall love

I shall love