hajm-e-sabz (green space)

Call me

Call me
Sweet is your voice
Sweet is the foliage of the strange plant
Grown in the farthest edge of sorrow

Within the space of this silent age
Lonelier am I than the test of a song
Within the scope of the alley’s conception
Come, let me tell you how vast is my loneliness?
My loneliness didn’t predict this ambush of your stature
And this is the characteristic of love

Nobody is here
Come, let us steal life and then
Divide it between two meetings
Together let us pore
The morning of the state of a pebble
Quick, let us see things
The dials of a the fountain clock turns time into dust
Come, melt lake a word in a line of my silence
Come, melt the bright weight of love in my palms

Make me warm
(And once upon Kashan’s plain the sky grow clouded
And a shower fell
And chilled men, then behind a rock
The hearth of anemone warmed me)

In the these dark lanes
I fear the company of doubt and match
I fear this concrete-like century
Come, let us not fear towns whose dark soil
Is pasture to bulldozers?
Open me like a door to the falloff a simple pear in this age of steel’s birth
Lay me seep under a branch away this metal clattering night
When the miner of the dawn arrives
Call me and I will awake,
At the blossoming of the jasmine
From behind your fingers
And then
Tell me of bombs that fell while I slept
And cheeks that grow wet with tears
Of the many ducks that flow over the sea
The fatal moment when armored cars
Rolled over childhood dreams
To what sense of comfort do you tie the yellow string of canary?
Of the innocent cargoes imported from distance into ports
What science discovered the positive music powder’s smell?
And the perception that oozed out of an unknown taste of bread
In the mouth of prophecy

Then I
Like a faith warmed by the tropic sun
Will lay you on the threshold of an orchard

Will lay you on the threshold of an orchard