hajm-e-sabz (green space)

What wide plains!
What lofty mountains!
What sweet scent of grass comes from Gulestaneh!
I was looking for something in this village
Perhaps for a slumber
Some light, some sand, some smile

Behind the poplar trees
There was some pure negligence that called me

I stopped at a Redland, the wind was blowing, and I listened
Who was it that talked to me?
A lizard slipped
I started walking
A hayfield in the way
Then a cucumber bed, flower bushes of color and the oblivion of earth

I put off my shoes and sat down my feet dangling in the stream
How green am I today
And how clever is my body!
God forbid if grief arrives from behind the mountain
Who is hiding behind the tree?
Nobody, only a cow is grazing in the field
It is noontime in summer
Shadows know that kind of summer it is
Spotless shadows
Bright and pure corners
Sensitive children! Here is a good place to play life is not empty
There is kindness, apple, and faith
One must live as long as the anemone exists

Something is lurking in my heart like a bush of light, like slumber before daybreak
And so restless am I that I wish
To run to the end of the plain, climb to the peak of the mountain
There is a voice in the distance that is calling me